A Return to In-Person Sunday and Wednesday Holy Communion Services

St. Luke's has returned to in-person services. The Service of Holy Communion on Sundays will begin at 10:45 am in Swope Hall. Our Wednesday Holy Communion Service at 11:00 am is also available for in-person worship in Swope Hall. Please allow time to arrive and get seated before the service begins, as the service will be recorded.

Diocesan Requirements for the service:

*All must wear masks.

*After concretion of the Holy Eucharist, Father Bye will go into the congregation to administer the host individually while all remain at their seat.

These Services of Holy Communion will be live streamed for those who are not in attendance.

*To join in on YouTube, go to...stlukescypressmillyoutube

*Start about 4-5 minutes prior to the service time of 10:45 am.

*Click on option...St. Luke's Cypress Mill Live Stream - You Tube

*NOTE: If a prior service opens and begins to play, click on the "round dot picture of the church" which should put you on the current day, and wait for the service to begin.

For anyone who misses the live stream, the service will still be recorded and available on the St. Luke's website and YouTube later in the day.

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