Blessed Day for All

And what a day it was. Of course, you know I am speaking of our Baptism, Confirmation and Reaffirmation service last Sunday. I say, “you know,” because to my pleasant surprise almost everyone was there. Having a service at 3:00 p. m. Sunday afternoon did not promise to be an especially large turnout. What a joy it was to enter a church that was completely full to overflowing. Someone might account for the overflow part resulting from the guests for the Baptism, but others would say that it was purely a work of the Holy Spirit.

Without a doubt the Holy Spirit had begun His movement sometime before the service that day. Of course we know that to have been the case for days or even weeks before this particular service as many were being prepared to be there on this most special day; those being baptized, those being confirmed, and those renewing their commitment to Christ, which really included everyone who were there. The Baptism, or rather Baptism(s) that day brought about, as they always do, a special awareness throughout the church of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Melissa, mother of Wyatt, the baby who was baptized, had earlier in the day already experienced a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit while being prepared for the service ahead of Wyatt’s Baptism. As we went over the words of the baptismal covenant for her and her family, she was convicted by the Spirit that she too wanted to be Baptized. It was totally unexpected by everyone involved at that time. It brings to mind the account in the Acts of the Apostles of Phillip explaining the Gospel to a queen’s servant in a chariot. The servant was also moved by the Holy Spirit as he heard the word of God to be Baptized at that very moment. So it was with Melissa on Sunday as she was being instructed in the Baptismal Covenant which is the proclamation of our faith in Jesus Christ. It is the Gospel which “is the power of God for salvation” and that power was so prevalent with us this last Sunday.

Thanks be to God for “His power at work within us which is able to do infinitely more than all that we ask or think.” As it was noted for one new Parishioner who had completed the classes and made a Reaffirmation of faith, “this is not the end of an event but only the beginning of even greater things to come.” As it is true for one so it is for the whole gathered Body of Christ at St. Luke’s, Cypress Mill. Let us keep that in our vision as a church, always looking forward to even greater things to come through the work of the Holy Spirit in this part of the Body of Christ.

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