Stewardship for Christians, is about how we spend our lives and share our time, talent and treasure in response to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Fall is the time when St. Luke's asks each church member to individually consider their giving, their financial giving in particular, for the coming year. As Christians, we look to Jesus to show us a way of living, to show us how to practice intentional, conscientious stewardship.
       The ability of our congregation to do mission and ministry, and to offer the kind of fellowship and community life that we have, is based almost entirely on the generosity of our members. Our God is a God of incredible, unimaginable generosity, from the creation of all that is, to the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ; and so, we are called to continually live generous lives.
       The church has long taught and upheld the biblical tithe, the offering of a tenth; and our church, The Episcopal Church, has encouraged people to pledge an intentional percentage of their income as they grow toward tithing. It is described as one of the duties of Christians. It is what we are called to as a spiritual practice, as we follow a Lord who is most generous in His own self offering.
       We are encouraged to be mindful of the grace that surrounds us and to be grateful for the many blessings that we have. Such gratitude leads to generosity; and as we participate in the offering of ourselves in and through our church, we are freed to do more for the sake of the Kingdom, responding to the neighbors around us who are in need.

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