Vacation Bible School

In 2020, due to COVID, we held Vacation Bible School via YouTube. Things were a little different, but VBS was still well attended and great fun!  In an effort to keep exposure to a minimum, we introduced some pretty lively puppets for our drama and mailed out lots of boxes with craft supplies and a music CD to enable everyone to follow along with each day's program. There were lots of reports of fun at home! Being at home enabled many parents, who are not normally able to participate due to work schedules, a chance to participate.  The YouTube links for all sessions of 2020 VBS are listed below:

2020 Virtual VBS

Vacation Bible School - Day 1 - July 20

Vacation Bible School - Day 2 - July 21

Vacation Bible School - Day 3 - July 22

Vacation Bible School - Day 4 - July 23

Vacation Bible School - Day 5 - July 24

Normally, each year, the third week of July, St Luke’s holds a week long Vacation Bible School using Group’s Holy Land Adventures. God’s word comes alive as families explore traditional Bible-times customs, occupations, food, and even games! We have said goodbye to traditional classrooms and practice multi-age learning. Because elementary-age kids and teens travel in intergenerational Tribes, big kids and little kids learn to work together. Instead of trying to compete with children their own age, older children help younger children and younger children spark older children’s imagination; social skills improve, self-esteem rises, cooperation increases, and discipline problems diminish. Every day kids and adults join a Tribe of ISRAEL. During tribe time, tribal families explore Jewish customs, meet Jesus and his friends, visit the marketplace, and might even participate in chariot races on the playground, periodically having their attention drawn to exciting dramas. As no VBS would be complete without music, tribes gather everyday to sing and dance to lively music especially created for each program, whether it be Galilee, Bethlehem, Babylon, or Athens. St Luke’s goes all out for VBS in decorating, costumes,(provided but not a must), traditional foods, and many times there are as many adults as children.

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